Specialty Products


To answer customer demands relative to creative potato products defined by “new, something different, criteria, RSF has developed and added several eye-appealing and tasty items to the menu.

Potato Pancakes:  Slightly flavored, 3 oz. potato pancake, just like Grandma used to make.  Designed to simply heat and serve.  An excellent breakfast, side dish or anytime snack. Other flavors available.

Tater Breakfast Bites™:  A tasty breakfast served up in a fried, crunchy potato skin with ample amounts of scrambled egg, cheese and either bacon or sausage all mixed in with flavored mashed potato.  Satisfying 3 oz. serving offered.

Idaho Tater Roller™:  3 oz. flavored potato roller adapted to roller grills or fryers. A unique product for c-stores deli’s and concessionaires.  Our rollers maintain shape and texture up to 3 hours.

Potato Dippers:  Foodservice: A Battered and/or breaded random potato skins, custom flavors available. Perfect for hors d’oeuvres, bar snacks, . This product is a unique and a great alternative to French fries. Terrific with dipping sauces!

Potato Rosette:  An attractive alternative to an old standard.  3 oz. mashed potato rosette, various flavors, excellent side dish at an economical price. Product reheats in less than 2 minutes from a frozen state. Ideal for hospitality, airlines, institutional feeding.

Potato Kits: Applicable to all who enjoy the process of preparation on premise. Rite Stuff kits can include potato skins or twice baked potatoes and all the necessary ingredients to finish on site for a homemade appearance.

Potato Hearts: Rite Stuff Foods offers potato hearts, also referred to as potato meat. We scoop out the “potato meat” inside the baked potato and sell it in bulk pack: It’s a great item added to soups, sauces, and can be diced and mixed in to a variety of dishes.