Potato Wedges

Utilizing extensive marketing research and customer feedback, Rite Stuff Foods, Inc. determined the absence of premier potato wedge products throughout the industry. The result of that research coupled with flavor and texture testing resulted in the formulation of four new potato wedges;

1.       Medium Home-style battered only wedge
2.       Small Jojo Battered and breaded wedge
3.       Medium Jojo Battered and breaded wedge
4.       Jumbo Panko Battered and breaded wedge

The Above flavors are also represented in Retail packs.  Our newest retail wedge is available in a 5lb poly bag. It’s an economical size, great for large families or Club stores. Customers are drawn to battered and breaded potato wedges because of batter visibility, crispiness, great potato texture and extraordinary flavor.

Rite Stuff Foods battered and breaded potato wedges are formulated for bake back (can be fried) to enhance nutrition and retain flavor and crunch for multiple hours, especially when placed in a hot box.

An Idaho® potato snack or side dish that is well represented in foodservice; restaurants, deli’s,
c-stores, stadiums and concessions as well as in retail;  easy to prepare, satisfying comfort food and perfect for home uses with dipping sauces.

Customization: Rite Stuff Foods is happy to work with customers on proprietary wedge formulas to meet their needs and specifications. A benefit to working with Rite Stuff Foods is our willingness to work with customers in creating their own one of a kind products.