Food Services Potato Skins

“The original Idaho appetizer”.  Rite Stuff Foods, Inc., potato skins originate in the rich fertile soils of Idaho.  Fresh Idaho® potatoes are baked, cut in half and hand scooped for uniformity and frozen to preserve freshness.  Skins can be either baked or fried.

Potato skins continue to be one of the most popular and cost effective appetizers in the market.  The shape of the Russet Burbank potato and Rite Stuff Foods employee’s ability to hand scoop makes the potato skin a natural and perfect carrier for filling and stuffing and easily adapted to lunch, dinner, side dish, appetizer or hors d’oeuvres.

Numerous sizes have been developed to fit the needs of customer demand.  The majority of the shell sizes fit in the following categories;

  1. 2.75” – 3.25”
  2. 3.5” – 4.25”
  3. 4.5” – 5.5”
  4. 5” – 6”

Rite Stuff Foods potato skins are pre-sized to meet customers specifications.

Rite Stuff Foods offers a Plain IQF baked shell or an IQF fried shell for those who don’t have fryers on premise.

Foodservice operators will appreciate the flexibility of easy preparation, simplicity mixed with minimal labor and great margins and a solid history of performance.